Young Girl, Older Guy

I lost my virginity when I was 16 or 17 to a much older guy. I won't say how much older, but he was quite a bit older.

I didn't feel good to be honest. It kind of hurt, and I didnt care for the bleeding part. Good news is that it's a lot better nowadays!

honeybunch honeybunch
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2 Responses Mar 28, 2009

I wish teenage girls could read your post. They need to realize that their first time is hardly ever gonna live up to the romantic notion they have built up for themselves. On the one hand, the boy may be inexperienced and doesn't know what he's doing, or he's very experienced and the only thing he cares about is getting his next conquest out of the way. Also, quite sadly, some girls only sleep with a boy, thinking that will assure that she will be able to keep him. In actuality, sleeping with him most always assures he will leave her, since he's already gotten what he wanted from her. Sad, eh?

The guy didn,t sound to nice of a man! My first time with a woman I was 18 she 17! newyears eve one of the most memorable nigths of my life We were very gentle and loving touching and caressing! love making should be a wonderful experience!! glad every thing is better in your in your experiences now. Take care!