firstly because i was scared of my folks kickin me out if i got preggers, and secondly bc i never really clicked with any guys from my school, that i knew of.

i met this fella online, back when aim was the main online chat engine... we had been buddies for over a year and we did it the first night we met. he lived 2 hours away and we never dated, but we were each other's back up for years! i still compare guys to him. and although we never dated, he did tell me he loved me and that he'd always be around if i needed him... sweet guy...  we still talk every and then. reminds me, i should call him this weekend. haha...

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I need a female friend like you. Thats what I'm looking for just that nothing more. Had 3 to many relationships go bad on me.

lol preggers, im hearing that word alot lately. oh aim, how u changed so many lives for the better..... lol