I was dating this guy who was a year younger than me, so he was 16. We worked together and we were both in high school and we just happened to have the same spring break. One day, his parents were at work, my parents were at work and we both had cars. We had hinted that it might happen that day, so I picked out cute panties and washed myself really well. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and thinking "this could be the last day I'm a virgin.". I was really excited. So, I drove out to his place and we ended up in his room. It was so strange. There was no foreplay and no cuddles. He pushed himself inside and got maybe 3 strokes before he came. Then, he pulled out and called his friend to tell him what happened. I didn't realize what a ****** thing that was until years later. Since then, I have had lovers that have more than made up for his crappy sex skills. But, we were both virgins and there was a lot we didn't know. Ah, to be dumb and naive again! lol

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I lost mine at 15

Oh the fact that he was a virgin does not excuse him for not at least trying harder and for the fact that he called his friend to brag about it! Then again you could have bragged that he was a minute man in bed to all the girls which wouldnt have been very nice either lol. I'm glad that you have at least had better more enjoyable expericenes since then.

13- I was raped.

lol i think everyones first time sucked. I lost mine to my friends big sister but we kept gettin interrupted cause we kept thinking we heard noises of someone walking down the hallway. I lasted more than three strokes but not much hahahaha. Boy did i have a giant smile on my face the next day at school though, especially when i saw her! best 17th birthday present ever!

Not mine! My first time was awsome and I lasted longer than this guy. Hell the first time I got head I lasted longer than he did. My first time for everything was was great!