Wanting To Know

Ever since I became aware that i was circumcised and saw boys with foreskins I have wanted to know  who was cut and who was not. When I was born  in UK in the 1930s well over 50% of boiys were circumcised. When I was at school I kept a notebook  with symbols marking who was cut and who was uncut. You might sayi t was a bit of a fetish.
Nowadys in the UK it is not an issue as nearly everyone is uncircumcised and I made sure  that my sons were left in a natural state, but the question still goes through my mind from time to time even though I have no desire to look at mens *****.
I am sure that circumcision has psychological effects and that the uncircumcised are more confident people
Fulke Fulke
70+, M
1 Response Apr 23, 2011

I was born in America in 1950, a time when the vast majority of baby boys were being circumcised. I was not RIC, and had my foreskin until age 10. I desperately wanted to look like the other boys around me, and was thankful when my circumcision finally happened. I think there is a huge psychological factor to this, a young boy wants to resemble his peers. Later in life it becomes "okay to be different", but as kids, no boy wants to be different, especially "down there". I was always embarassed by my "uncut status". My later-in-childhood circumcision definitely impacted me. I am ALWAYS interested in whether males I see are circumcised or not, and if I get a chance I find out, either visually or, if an opportunity arises I'll ask a guy about his circumcision status. Who knows what interesting opportunities that sort of conversational topic might lead to?