The Best Of Both Worlds!

The doctor who performed my circumcision when I was a baby knew what he was doing! I have a partial circumcision, meaning a small amount of foreskin was removed - the contractile tip - but there is enough foreskin left to cover the head at rest.  There are definite advantages to this type of cut.

Being able to retract the foreskin easily allows for urination without any liquid getting in folds of skin.  It also makes it very easy to clean my penis thoroughly.

************ is simpler because the foreskin acts as a lubricant when stroking my ****.  I've seen many men whose circumcision was so severe that they have no loose skin when they get an erection, so lubrication is a definite requirement.

Women, such as my wife, who like an uncut penis sure seem to like what I've got.  It gives them enough foreskin to play with but it slides back so they have no problem getting the full sensation of the head of my **** in their mouth!  ;-)

SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
1 Response Nov 14, 2012

If you're happy with it, fine. You still have all the nasty effects of ******, particularly around the corona. Unfortunately.

If a guy is that dirty, we stay away from him. Most men know how to keep themselves presentable for intimate fun!

An uncut **** always smells, trust me...and the many ladies I talked to in my life!