Did Not Go Ahead

There are arguments may be there for or against having it done. As in all matters there are the pros and cons.

The medical reasons behind having the foreskin removed is what I would go along with.

Once done there is no going back and this is what causes more concern. You need to think this matter over and over again.

I like mine as it is and there sure is the extra pleasure due to the sensitive nature of the gland that is covered. Research does show that you lose that sensitive to an extent.

My ex wanted to me to have it done 18 months in to our relationship. I have had numerous visits on the office medical scheme, even just until recently.

Questions still arise, and I am still dithering to an extent.
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Please learn to love and connect with your whole self it's a gift. Don't throw it away. In new here hope you have done it already. I really answered this cause Ina a Harding too.

Thank you for your comment. I know what you are getting at. I do appreciate your read and comments.

There are ways of trying to get used to it by following some simple steps that gives you an idea of how it will feel like.

Sorry I don't get you?

Oh please please do not have it cut. It is so cool to have the skin move over gland almost like a piston action. It is so sensual and exciting to give hand and blow jobs with the skin on. Unless it is for medical reasons you should do what you want not what another woman wants. Tell her to get lost.

SandarR. You are a naughty lady. But, I like the way you see things.

I have not seen anything yet, HardingP. I love a naughty man too.

Men are not supposed to blush. So, I will leave it at that.

Now what makes you blush so much Harding? Now you have made me curious.

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If in doubt then dont do it.

Indeed. I agree need to be totally comfortable with the decision