Circumcised At Birth

I was circumcised at birth. My father insisted upon it I was told. I prefer it. My half-brother who was six years older than me was 16 when he was circumcised. He did it because his girlfriends wouldn't give him oral sex. He went out to party far too soon after the procedure and went to the bathroom. He saw a little blood in his underwear and fainted. But thankfully, I guess it worked out for him in the end. My four sons were all circumcised. I figured that my dad thought it was the right thing to do for me. So, I just carried the torch to the next generation.
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That's funny about your brother fainting. and his reasons for wanting to get it done. When I was done, in hospital. the first time I looked at it, there was also a lot of blood....and I, too, fainted!!

cool and good about your boys

Circumsized at birth, too; no regrets.