I apologise if the following speculation is uncomfortable to some. It is speculation - we do not know the truth - yet. I wondered if Adolf Hitler may have been circumcised as a child perhaps for medical reasons. It has been rumored that his grandfather was Jewish. His family had Jewish doctors and he had Jewish friends. Even some Nazis were pure or part Jewish - was it Goering that said I'll decide who is Jewish, certainly one of the Nazis did say that? Almost certainly he would have hidden this apparent sign of Jewishness if he had had it. I understand that he made sure that his medical records were destroyed and it has been said he did not let others see him naked. He had few lovers although one, the young film star Renate Muller committed suicide or was murdered. He probably murdered his own niece with whom it appears he had a relationship. He had an English-born nephew William Patrick Hitler, who joined the US army (the British having refused to enlist him), who may have tried to blackmail him. At he end he was determined that the Russians would not take him alive and he gave orders that his body be cremated, which apparently it was.
AH did not refer to circ except that he called it a blemish.
Incidentally it appears to be true that Hitler had only one testicle, as the comic songs had it, probably as a result of a war injury.
The root of the 2nd world war and the holocaust were in the carnage of the unfinished WW1. So whoever was guilty of allowing the evil of WW1 (the Kaiser, D Lloyd George, Kitchener, Churchill, the military classes?) are also guilty of some of the later atrocity.
I don't condone the terrible evil that he unleached.
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There have been many rumors about Hitler's sexuality but any médical or other reports have probably been destroyed. His sexuality was basically normal - hé ****** women but had a clear attraction for male-only groups, fairly normal in Germanic cultures even today. We know some diehard nazi supporters like French writer Céline had been circumcised for hygienic reasons. Quite à number of mâles were before entering military service, as we know from pictures. The only possible Link of Hitler to Jewishness, however, might have been his grandmother having gotten pregnant by à Jewiish teen as she was à maid. To my knowledge DNA analysis comparing Hitler's skull with DNA culled from his nephews has pretty much killed that theory, although all documents have been destroyed. I know in german-speaking Switzerland circumcision was quite commonly practiced in thé 1950s.