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Obviously...although labioplasty and hood removal are quite common cosmetic operations on women.

Yes, I oppose all female circumcision, and especially the most ghastly Pharaonic form. It is not factually accurate, however to say it removes all pleasure from sex. Hanny Lightfoot-Klein, who is herself an activist against all genital mutilation, found in her interviews with Pharaonically circumcised Sudanese women that nearly 90 % of them orgasmed during sex with their husbands. This is all the more remarkable because in the Sudanese culture there is an Islamic-sourced phobia of the female libido which forces a charade in which women pretend to be completely unsexual, men pretend to believe that, women may not initiate sex verbally and instead do it by a "smoke ceremony" or by banging pots and pans, and, particularly noteworthy, the women by custom lie completely still during sex. No cowgirl.<br />
http://www.fgmnetwork.org/authors/Lightfoot-klein/sexualexperience.htm<br />
Thinking about this reminded me of how blind people develop more acute sense of hearing. People have a marvelous capacity to make do with what they've got. They shouldn't have to, though, in this situation, and I hope it will change.

You know, conceptual... this is not a competition. I am in no way defending the act of male circumcision. I do not have to be in favor of that to still point out that female circumcision is an extremely barbaric act that kills women, mutilates us, and when completely successful removes all pleasure from sex. Further, it has not meaning other than the subjection of women.

Not from male circumcision in the US, but over a hundred deaths have resulted from sloppy circumcisions of baby boys--South Asian Muslims, I suppose-- in South Africa in recent years. They provoked no international outcry, whereas one death of a girl in Egypt provoked a huge outcry. That's something to think about. And seriously botched male circumcisions don't take place only in the RSA.

I can't really comment on the situation regarding circumcision in America because I'm British & until reading your post had not heard from anyone directly who'd been through male circumcision & therefore I couldn't say how it feels or whether it is right or wrong. I was only in a poitison to say that it's the way in which it is carried out in areas such as Sudan & Somalia that is horrific, as is the outcome for the women in question. What you went through is in a sense actually more of a far-off custom for me than female circumcision since I am closer to Sudan than America geographically. For me though, whether the act is horrific in itself is only art of the picture anyway. The aftermath is also a consideration & in all honesty it's impossible to believe that serious injury or death result as commonly from male circumcision in the US as it does from female circumcision in Africa

Yes, the Pharaonic circumcision of Sudan and Somalia you describe above is the most bizarre, grotesque, and revolting human alteration I'm aware of in today's world. I don't know what Americans can do about it, since Somalia has no government to pressure, and the Islamist government of Sudan is an enemy of our country.You didn't address my point about the strangeness of saying this far-off custom is more of a crime against Americans than what is done to the majority of American baby boys without anesthesia and without religious requirement in the overwhelming majority of cases. There are things Americans can and should do : lobby for the cutoff of government funding of it, which has reduced it in the states where that has happened, oppose the coming Center for Disease Control push for the restoration of universal male circumcision to purportedly reduce the risk of AIDS, and participate in stigmatizing this practice it when it's not a matter of religious conscience.

Perhaps people are more horrified by the thought of female circumcision because it is sometimes a much more severe act...It can refer to anything, from the removal of the clitoral hood, to the removal of the external clitoris and/or the labia altogether, right up to the clitoris being removed and the flesh from inside the outer labia being removed and then the outer labia being stitched together leaving a hole not much bigger than a grain of rice to urinate through. It can be carried out under anaesthetic, but is often carried out with no anaesthetic and using blunt & sometimes even rusty blades. The usual age for this to be carried out varies but it can occur anytime from birth right through adulthood. It's not performed for any religious reason whatsoever but purely based on family/tribal/local traditions and when the most extreme type of circumcision is inflicted on someone they often suffer from repeated infections and many women and children have died as a result of such barbaric procedures. Not to mention the fact that women can also be further damaged when they are married as their husbands will cut or tear the opening to be able to have intercourse, and this happens to an even greater extent during childbirth. <br />
<br />
I'm not suggesting that I agree with male circumcision either - I certainly don't bame you for being p***** off at having been circumcised when you had absolutely no choice in the matter! But at the same time, I suppose it's a case of saying "be thankful for small mercies"..... At least you weren't at risk in the way the women & children who are treated so barbaricaly in Africa are. Small consolation I know, but it's something at least ...

"Female Circumcision? That is a terrible crime against all of humanity!"<br />
<br />
Why is circumcision of north African women a bigger crime against Americans than non-anesthesia, non-religiously required circumcision of the majority of American males before they have any say in the matter? I had this done to me when I was a baby and now that I realize how it's affected me, I'm p***** off about it! I don't blame my loving parents who didn't know better, but the broader society which did know better. As they say, males are "the disposable sex" and the most erogenous part of their bodies is routinely cut off and disposed of in the wastebasket in this country.

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