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 i have always drinked pepsi ,cokes okey but i prefur pepsi

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I used to prefer Pepsi when i was a kid, but somewhere down the line that got switched over to coke... though i have a VERY strong preference for canned coke over regular.<br />
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But honestly, i don't drink a lot of Carmel colored sodas, they taste thick to me.


Of these two, it is Coke for me. Iced tea or coffee is better. Soft drink wise ... Dr Pepper, Root Beer, Creme Soda or Ginger Ale are even better than Coke.

I am strictly a diet pepsi, or a ice tea, or a coffie, or a water drinker. I drink very little alcohol. And I use no salt and no sugar at all.

Coke has less calories than Pepsi that's why I prefer it. But, soda in general is bad for you, too much sugar and high fructose corn syrup.


Diet Pepsi!!! Diet Pepsi!!!! and Bacardi Gold lol

i think coke taste like dirt. I dunno, ive just never liked it. I generally go pepsi or dr.pepper.