Mmm Tricky!!

i can ALWAYS taste the difference but dont always enjoy the same thing.

I am more of a diet drink fan, its what i drink most often. So the winner in the diet category is DIET COKE. hands down. diet pepsi tends to be a lot flatter and doesnt have as good of a taste.

HOWEVER, if i am to chose a REGULAR drink, PEPSI is the winner. i will take pepsi over coca cola any day.  I find there is an after taste in Coke.

anyone else feels this way??

hornyv hornyv
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5 Responses Mar 20, 2009

Coke...always Coke!

i did a taste test at a store once, the guy poured a cup of each, i told him which was which even before tasting, coke had more bubbles. he looked at me funny, then said you want to taste, i said sure but i already knew which was pepsi. even after i tasted them i told him which was pepsi. PEPSI wins hands down.

i never heard of powered pepsi, before.

LOL, well none DO go up my its not part of the contest! :p

pepsi dont go up the nose as easy as coke.