Oppisites Attract

sure thay do if two people are truly destined for each other nothing on earth can tear them apart not even being oppisite and besides two oppisite lovers can have fun and share new things with each other and it will make the relationship more excting

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2 Responses Aug 24, 2008

My boyfriend and I have been going out for five years, and we lived apart. We were totally the opposite of each other. We both didn't like the same foods, drinks, tv programs, movies, music and the list goes on..Just to think if we had lived together :O. We've recently broken up, because of our indifference's..I couldn't handle it anymore..Yes, maybe our love wasn't as strong as I thought :)

Opposites do attract. After a time together, being opposite is the reason people split! Who can figure? you always hear, " we're too different, we have nothing in common, we want different things". The list goes on..yet opposites do attract!