Yes I Do.. Lol

I actually have a very dirty mind.. I think it's from being around too many guys.. They have rubbed off on me.. lol Alot of the time whatever comes acrossed my mind I have to keep to myself, otherwise I may get in trouble.. ;)
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oh I know it's true... ;) I have the card... haha


I think most of us suffer from that ;)

My mind goes from clean to dirty,then dirtier,then sometimes plain nasty,lol.

Oh.. A pg-13.. Hmmm.. Girly.. lol That does come as a surprise.. haha

I got a Pg-13 and everyone thought I lied. (I'll never tell)

Hmmm.. Lol... I guess so... ((hugs))

Oh.. I'm sure if you look deep enough you will see.. xx

I like a girl with a dirty mind! now if i could just see just exactly what dirty thoughts you have.....LOL

hey you lonesome ... I'm assuming you have a dirty mind too...


Lol... ha I do too...... hehe

Thinging... lol It's a new word I guess... Gotta try to fit it into my vocab some how... lol

cap and Leiza I agree. Funny stuff "thinging"!

Sree... lol... Yes it is fun... I love sharing<br />
a random thought and getting a giggle<br />
or blush outta my friends... :)))

Exactly... lol<br />
I love living in the gutter..<br />
It's highly amusing.... xx

That's cool. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste... hehe

lol... Yes I am blaming it on you guys... lol<br />
Women are bad also, but hey I had to put it off on someone... hehe

"I think it's from being around too many guys.."<br />
<br />
Yeah... sure... blame it on us... ;p

dvijay....<br />
Very well put.... I shall do that... ((hugs))

Mind is mind.Its work is to think.If we hide the real inner feelings from others then there is no problem.But when we freely admit those feelings to ourselves we ourself call it a dirty mind.<br />
<br />
So express youself clearly.And relive your mind from the dirt. And allow us to see if it is really dirty or not.

Jeeze... dedre... You and your mind... lol<br />
I thought I was bad... You're terrible... hehe

So how many guys have rubbed off on you, exactly?!?<br />
<br />
Oh...nevermind, took it too literal...again...

fruity disposition....? Huh? What does that mean? lol<br />
Hmmm... Must be a british thing.. lol

I will never tell... ;) lol... How exactly do you mean? ;)<br />
That question can be taken many different ways... lol

How exactly did the men rub off on you?

Lol..... I have never heard that before... Makes sense though.. :) You have a dirty mind too? lol I would never have guessed that... ;)

nope no fun convo's for me i usually just end up with someone mad at me LOL

Lol.. Yep...<br />
Especially where I work.. I don't think the peeps would appreciate knowing what's running through my mind.. But any other place, besides church, it's no holds barred.. lol

Pretty much me too! Almost all day, every day. Don't need a quiz to tell me.<br />
<br />
Just like you ... i have to keep it to myself.

Drill Sgts eh...? You must have one hell of a talent.. lol<br />
The things that run through a person's mind and some how come spilling out.. lol

Me....a dirty mind........Well I have been know to make a Drill Sgt. blush.....hehehehe<br />
<br />
And that is mighty hard to do.....

highside.. I am sure you aint'... lol I have always had a dirty mind, but ep hasn't helped stem it.. I am just a little more free with it now.. :)

Leiza350.. No I will keep you company.. That is what you wanted right...? lol<br />
Cap your wit and humor never ceases to amaze me.. :)<br />
After re reading the comment I can see what you<br />
Rick... Fun convos stem from an erotic thought process.. ;)

i'm a gentleman so no i don't......i can't even keep a straight face now Bwahahaha

I re read Georges post and I like the way he speaks, and Cali you need to tell him (and us) what you are "thinging"......I know he didn't misspell this, he made a specific point.......tell us about your "thinging"/////George not trying to offend, I just thought here is an example of an overactive erotic thought process (i.e. dirty mind-mine!).......hahhaha

nicht a dirty mind ....just fun thoughts

JimmyGeorge.. With you I never do.. lol No worries there..<br />
Cap1015 Lmao... I love that... Gonna have to remember that one... Very clever.. ((xxx))

If a lot of guys rubbed off on you.. would be more than your mind that's dirty! ;-)

I think it is incorrect to label it a "dirty mind", I think the more appropriate term would be having a "brain with enhanced erotic tendencies"......whattya think?..