Army................age Love

ok so have these friendss and they have been toogether going on three years but they have known each other all thier lives but heres the catch...when they first hooked up she was a freshman and he was a senoir in high school....they managed to connect and they feel deeply in love....two years passed and the 2nd semester of her sophomore year he left for basic training.....he talks about marrying her bacause he truly does love her and doesnt care about the age difference....but he is leaving so what she suppose to do i mean she really wants to wait for him and they talk about getting married right after she this situation all wrong?

jordanA jordanA
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

I don't think it's wrong at all if she can wait. I mean there will be boys trying to get at her and if she knows how to play the game and not get her feelings caught up she can flirt a lil nothing is wrong wit harmless flirting. But on the other hand if she loves him and knows for sure she wants to wait and marry him she should. and she should start thinking about her future is she goin to college, will she be a stay at home wife, or does she want a job, is she willing to move alot, things of that nature