Previous Pastor Makes Good Point of our previous pastors was preaching and prophesying Sunday morning/night and Monday night. He made a lot of good points and prophesied over the church and specific people.

One thing he said was that Christian businesses are going to start flourishing. Other businesses will end up under their umbrella just to make it.

He also said that Christians are going to be just fine in this economy, and that God will give us ideas on how to spend, save, and even invent new things! A biggie that he mentioned was for us to not worry about the economy. Don't worry about your investments because we have made the best investment possible: our investment in Heaven.

Another thing, if God gave you the house you're in, trust in Him to help with finances. We live in the natural, but God operates in the supernatural! Don't listen to Satan telling you that you can't have that house! Trust God to bring in the money. We are God's people, and He will provide!

My own little note about the economy: Yes, God will provide for us and we will have our needs met; however, we should still not be careless with our money. On big expenses (that aren't necessary, of course), we should pray first, spend later. Many may disagree with this philosophy of mine, and that's okay, but I just wanted to get my two cents in.

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I know you’re right about God taking care of His people during hard times. I've seen it happen to me before, and I know it will continue to happen. God isn't up in heaven worried because gas is up to 4.00 a gallon....He can do anything. That's why I hate to see Christians freaked out about the economy...the don't need to be! Thanks for posting!

You need to keep your faith in God. Faith isn't a noun, but a verb, a constant verb that needs to be kept alive. I understand that it's hard to have faith, especially right now, but you just really need to trust God to work a miracle in your finances. God never promised an easy road, but He did promise to take care of us. He loves you, and He hasn't forgotten you, and He is hearing your prayers.

I would love to know what God's plans are for me as well, but unfortunately I don't have time to sit around praying and waiting to see if the money comes. I have lost my job as of January, can't seem to find anything, not even one phone call back, called the mortgage company yesterday and we are currently 33 days late, 34 today and at 90 we go into pre-forclosure statis, so with that said, I have begun packing up and am getting ready to move.. I just had my second daughter in December and have a 4 year old to worry about.. So I can't wait for "GOD" to help.... Otherwise I will be out on the street with a new born for heavens sake...