"God of This City" By Chris Tomlin

I wholeheartedly believe that we need to start believing this in all of our cities, and all of the surrounding cities. He is truly the God of our world.


You're the God of this city

You're the King of these people

You're the Lord of this nation

You are


You're the Light in this darkness

You're the Hope to the hopeless

You're the Peace to the restless

You are


There is no one like our God

There is no one like our God


For greater things have yet to come

And greater things are still to be done

In this city

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4 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Wow claypalace! That's awesome! I had no idea of the story behind it! That is so amazing! Thank you for sharing that! Puts it into a whole new perspective! :)

That is one of my favorite songs. The reason is the story behind it. This song was written by a band called Blue Tree in a very dark city....I can not remember the name of the city. Blue Tree is a worship band and they were asked to play in a verydark place. Where they were asked was the sex capital of the world and here was this worship band....imagine that. The worship leader began to sing the words to this song in the middle of the whole thing and the band didn't know it. He just looked around at the evil things all around and started singing....You're the God of this city.<br />
I heard the story on chris Tomlin's website he tells the story much better than me. <br />
But later Chris Tomlin and his band were touring and heard the band playing this song. The song ended up being the theme of the tour sung in cities all around the world at passion worship conference's.<br />
Every time I hear it I am reminded of the fact that God still reigns in all situations. As we hold onto our faith greater things have yet to come in our lives.

This is really beautiful!

your faith sounds strong