Only If We Could Read Minds *sigh*

I know this guy likes me at my school and I like him too, but what in the world does he see in me? Dead serious here. I've was so mean to him months back and I hate myself so much being rude to so many people, but I've stopped. Anyways I see a hunched back, blind, partially deaf, lizard skinned, anti-social, girl. But does he see that? Or is that what love does? Makes all of what someone finds negative, all positive? Does he see the things I love about myself? Like being a weird, nerdy, ginger who is obsessed with band and making people smile? I just wanna know why he likes me so much :) And I'm sure he's mentally asking himself the same question :) ♥
electricbluecat7 electricbluecat7
13-15, F
Dec 9, 2012