I'm Picky

Men See You As Choosy You shine and that allows men to notice you light years before you notice them
You take a selective approach to dating, and you can afford to be picky
You aren't looking for a quick flirt - but a memorable encounter
It may take men a while to ask you out, but it's worth the wait

WOW, well, yeah I guess, I can scare a few away...he he he...


unpredictablyme unpredictablyme
31-35, F
10 Responses Jan 3, 2009

look in my file and look at the story then click on the group, and before you hit Me too, copy the address on the left hand corner...all of these tests are taken in blogthings website, but you need the right directory to it..so do it that way...

by the way, where did you take the test?

Whisper, thank you babe. I'm ok, with criticism, hehehe, even when it comes from a test...LOL..Thank you babe.

Well, sweetie good luck to you both, and do be going into this in a negative way, just be positive, and I hope it works out for you guys..:)

I wish we had needed the fire department on our 2nd date! Well remember I said things didn't work out exactly as I thought they might. Plus I think there are some other issues as well. Hey I'm being picky as well...!! Guys can do it too you know! he he he. <br />
Yes I hope things work out because I really like her, but I have a feeling they won't. You know ... a gut feeling.. and I can't say exactly what it is..But I know I'm very attracked to her!! Wow she is pretty and we get along well!

BHT, What are you talking about..I heard someone had a great 2nd date and that the fire fighters had to put out a flame over at Johnny Carinos..he he he

Hey girl if you scare em away they weren't worth knowing anyway! So I guess you have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince or princess HUH!<br />
<br />
I know that because I've kissed so many I have warts!! LOL ............not really! But I'm still looking and I doubt I'll be stopping anytime soon.

Lady it's called knowing exactly what we want....I well I guess that I know....hehehe :0)

awww, thank you sweetie, that is a good observation, but innocent I'm not, didn't you read my story about "I have a naughty side" lol

Once again I agree. You do give out a light. You also give out a need for your friends to protect you. I also feel we see you as smart, flirty, honest, and remarkably innocent(this is the one I most like)