It Is Amazing That We Are Constantly Getting Older

I was born in the mid-1980's. My father was born in 1959. My mom was in 1960. I just want to know how does it keep going. I do have a lot of fear inside me. The reason is that I am scared of dying without my first kiss. Oh, that would hurt. It just pains me, everyday of my life to know that I haven't got it yet. I see so many people enjoying it. The girl giving her stare at the guy afterwards. She licks her lips. The guy is in a trance. I have seen so many situations of the guy succumb to these women. Literally succumb. It's like women have the power to really make a guy feel delirious with pleasure. That is what I want. Now I am 24. 24, God. Most people start dying at 24. Why do I encounter more crap looking at You-Tube, than in real life. I have seen so much foot-fetish crap. And I get sick and tired of it. I want the real thing. But I am 304 pounds. Like how did I eat myself into that situation. I used to eat 2 value meals from Wendy's. I used to eat 2 value meals from McDonalds. Thought I was getting some satisfaction. Now I know that gluttony is a sin. Now I am scared that I will never make it up, cause I am at the age, that most people do start to fall off God's planet. Either in murder, or freak accidents. Most people do start to die at 24. Now I am worried, about my time.

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
Feb 15, 2010