I Feel A Bit Entitled

I don't feel like the world should be handed to me, but I do feel like I've paid my dues.

And let's be honest - I don't think I've gotten the credit that I deserve.

While I may be actually entitled to more, I can't think that way. Feeling entitled will only lead to trouble.

Just keep working hard and doing your best. Eventually I'll end up with what I deserve.

I definitely agree with what the quiz has said. I don't think the world should be handed to me and I don't even want it to be handed to me. I do feel like I've paid my dues because I've been through a lot for someone my age and yet I have more to conquer if I ever want to get to where I need to be in life. I don't want to fight all my life to get where I want to be, I don't want to have to keep proving myself to everyone, I don't want to have to keep showing them that I'm good or am genuine. I really don't think I get the credit I deserve because no matter what I do, no one understands or over-stands what struggles I am going through. Probably because I don't feel the need to boast about it or don't want to burden others with it. I just feel like they should know that if they're bending, I'm bendable, too. I shouldn't always have to say it for you to get it.

I know it's not right to keep feeling entitled to something more because sometimes people don't have it to give. So, that's why we (my husband and I) tell those who don't have much to keep what they got. He says that'll leave room for blessings to come our way. But sometimes I wonder, what if that was our blessing. Sometimes we don't have anything and we let people keep what they're offering us. Feeling entitled does lead to trouble, I always know that. It causes people to resent you, for people to judge you, and to distance themselves from you.

All I can do is keep working hard and doing my best. No one motivates me like I motivate myself. And even when that doesn't work it's good to have a husband like mine and online friends like my EP circle to fall back on. I hope one day people can see me for who I am.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

i totally love what you wrote. because i feel like your one paragraph made a very important distinction about this issue of entitlement...it's not about feeling entitled to more money or blind respect...its about having felt that you have paid your dues and having your life be a reflection of that. i really agree. hard work deserves praise and that may come in any form, but your aim and intention in doing that work should never be FOR the praise...you do what you do anyway and if and when people appreciate it, that's a bonus. but it is a human need to feel validated. i think the word entitled should be replaced with validated...its an age old human need for the effort and work we do...and whilst i don't agree that there is a blueprint for success (it comes in many different forms), there are amazing mountains that some people climb comparative to others (like yourself for your age), and that definitely deserves respect.......well done for writing that. bf.