Pretty Far!

For hugs and cuddles, and spending my life with someone who will accept all of me and I can accept all of them... I can and am willing to go pretty damn far. =p

I suffer from Social Anxiety and I never been on a airplane before. I've never left further than New Jersey or Delaware, in my life. But... I would travel far to meet with this love of my life! Even leaving the country, if it was necessary! :-D

I would brave crowds and have many panic attacks, all in the name of love! I would do without and save money to travel. And this isn't just talk or something that I think I would do! I almost did so! There was a guy in England, who said he loved me and wanted me to stay with him for a few weeks. I didn't buy a thing for a few months and saved that money, trying to save for a plane ticket! Plus he asked for $200 for an eye operation that he wanted, at the time. I was already packed and waiting for him to tell me which ticket I would need to buy, when he dumped me for a pretty blonde. :-/

So, I pretty much know how far I would go! And even though that was an disaster (and it's a good thing I didn't buy that ticket yet!), I would still take that risk again! Whoo-hoo! I'm stupid, I know! But, love makes one stupid. =p

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1 Response Mar 5, 2009

I did give up drinking for our relationship to work. <br />
Every day I make an effort to do something to ensure our love is alive. In fact I believe that doing something every day is, in the long run, more important then any one big thing...DD