I Still Think About Him All the Time But Dunno What to Do

well,1,5 year ago i used to have a realy..hm...lets say stable relationship.He expressed his likeness first,but before that we were friends and we hang out a lot.so when he told me that he liked me i was kinda surprised.although i didn't see him as a boyfrind but more as just a friend,i decided to respond.so we kissed and stuff for more than 3 months without having a relationship.at some point i said to him that i want to have a relationship too.he got so hapy cause he wanted that really much.anyway,with this guy we stayed together for a year ,more or less.but during our relationship i was a lil confused and not so in love.But he was in love.i hurt him.i cheated once on him and i revealed it to him cause i wanted to be honest.and he was hurt. 2 months after this he told me he wanted us to break up.and i was shocked.and after that i really fell in love with him.i was willing to do anything,i stuck ,somehow.But him,he had already got crabby and sick of this thing we had had since then.he was right anyway,cause i had hurt him before.so he has chnged school,changed friends since our breakup.but i still feel able of doing anything for him.only that he's away now.he's got a girlfriend and he's really in love with her.i dunno if i can do anything any more..but i want to get him back somehow.its thefirst time that im so wiling to go more far than ever for love.But i dunno if i have any hopes...i think about him almost everyday although its been 1 year+ since he left.i dream about him often,too.......

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yes! The best thing to do is to move on. I know how you feel... It will be hard to move on because you will always think of him, you will always compare some guy to him.. BUT... eventually he winds down out of your brain :) and things will be AWESOME!!!!!!!! I was with my ex for 4 years, it took me a while.. but I finally one day.. just had it! I couldnt be a strong girl and move on because of this guy! so.. i stepped up.. deleted all of his phone #'s, took all the photos of me and him down, and started fresh. Just know you will think of him.. but try to not let the past haunt your future! you will date many studs :) but people break up for a reason... just try to let it go. Don't think of him and his girlfriend.. just.. don''t find out anything about him. stop talking about him to your friends, and make your friends stop talking about him too :).. So..... Good Luck and just take it slow :)

what would be best for me or for anybody whose affair ended up this way ,is to move on by findin someone else.nevertheless,i havent still found someone.and thats the deal.cause if i had i would have got over him completely

Hi.<br />
Sorry things did not work out. <br />
I kinda had a similar story where things ended badly, he ended up moving becuz of the military. I didn't hear from him for a year and just did<br />
i don't really know what will become of it or if he even feels the same. i've kind of moved on kind of not moved on but we all have to do what we must for ourselves.