Uh Not Exactly

You Are Really Not Happy You may have noticed that things aren't going too well for you lately.
Your life never used to be like this, but it seems like happiness is slipping away from you.
You definitely need a change, because whatever you have going on isn't working.
It's time for you to shake things up - even if it means totally changing your life path.


Too bad thats not going to happen too bad the change your life thing kind- a goes like this try try again, nothing works try try again nothing works-- repeat

Too bad the loife lesson has always been the record number of ways you can get screwed with your pants on

Too bad all the productive things you do to be on the right tack all the things you do to be suycessful all the rules you follow never seem to apply to me

I would love to change my life but apparently its not up to me as everything i do blows up in my face

tulick tulick
31-35, F
Mar 2, 2009