September 2008!

That was the time frame that I discovered EP via a search for suicide, and the ramifications on families. Wow! How about that for an opening line, eh? 

Since then, I have written a bunch of stories, deleted most of them, but kept some good ones. I have met some awesome people here, lost contact with most of them. Met my current girlfriend (hopefully wife someday) of over 2 years. Yeah, MegJgeM and I are still at it. (Note: We are a real life couple, not an EP imagination land type of deal. We live together, etc) 

I do not log in as much, and I do not write here very often. However I do miss this place and the people I've met. Well, that is the short version of my time here. I can assure you that is has been much more eventful than what I described. 
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And another 3 years passed by. ;-)

It appears to be the case. Hell, I am looking at comments from stories and they are all from like 2008-2011.

Write some new stories. :-D

I appreciate the suggestion and or request. I have a solid body of work that people who are interested can rummage through. :)

I will take a look but don't complain if I comment on one of your old stories. ;-)

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Sept 2009

Well, some of the 'bits' were a pain in the ****. So, conversely, I think I can leave them out. =)

"I can assure you that is has been much more eventful than what I described." Gonna leave all the good bits out, eh?

You were one of my first EP friends and here we are going on 3 years now! Who'da thunk it! ((hugs to you and my friend Meg))

Congratulations my friend! 3 yrs well done! Hopefully i will coment when you have been on here 20 yrs lol :) <br />
Thank you for sharing your post! :)