All my life I've been shown no love. I've been hated, hurt, and left. I feel broken and bruised. I know what it feels like to be ignored and left and treated like the lowest piece of humanity. I don't know what love is anymore. I don't know what true love is or how to show it. And this hurts alot.....
Thelittleandwanted Thelittleandwanted
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That's what I am here for. Find a real christian who actually does what they believe and they will love you.

Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been, to learn how to stand up taller than you ever have before.

But after getting nocked down enough it's hardest to get up.

Maybe so. But I think one day you'll get up after being knocked down, dust yourself off and say. "Hey... That wasn't so bad." You can get knocked down over and over again and keep getting up and although that becomes difficult you need to remember one thing.

That you can do it.

Thank you. I rly hope what your saying comes soon cus idk how much more nocking down I can take

Hang in there.

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