More And More!

I am starting to wear them more and more now. Today its a orange spandex thong and I have been hard since I put it on this morning. Im excited to wear it to the gym!
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Have worn a thong for 15 years straight!

lets see a pic!

Love my thongs. They are the only underwear I wear

I thought i am the only one who wears thongs to the gym and everywhere else !
Where do u go to gym, do u let people see you are wearing?

Great to hear, I always wear thongs....

How did it go at the gym ?

I love wearing them to the gym! I have been doing it for years. Love the feel of running with a thong between my cheeks or how every movement i make i can feel my package tucked in perfectly! I have only started openly wearing thongs in the change room recently!

I know what you mean... Love that feeling too.

How do the others react in the change room ?

anybody respond to you in the locker room

I enjoy them and often wear them myself. I don't wear one everyday because I like the variety of many minimal types of men's underwear. My jockstraps are my favorite.

Every day for me.