It Says 4 People!

oh no!  4 people... i don't think so. 

maybe only 3. haha.  just kidding.


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And what makes you think I'm the Viscount? I am just a humble scribe.<br />
And you're still hijacking APP's story!

haha. i'm not trying to be innocent and decent here. LOL! i also have a dark side. :D

lol. i say screw the double standard. a trollop can be male or female.

No, no,no. Ladies get to be Trollops, Harlots, ******, *****, etc.<br />
A male is simply a "Ladies Man". Didn't anyone tell you about the double standard deal?

anybody with the handle "viscount of vulva" what else can i think of them? LOL! thats ok though because i like trollops lol

I'm sure APP is a virtuess and chaste woman.<br />
<br />
And who you calling a Trollop?!

i know hon. hey you're so popular here, i can't catch up with you lol

Hehe I meant it in a good way tiger! :P

aww, i'm sorry floyd. we don't always talk but u know i adore you! needit, maybe app isn't the trollops that we've been LOL. and i say good for her!

Hehe now drop me one by! ;)<br><br />
<br><br />
Anyways me and jerr hardly talk except for over the boards so continue! :)

I'm sorry. You're right. But APP won't come clean. She started this and now she's holding out!<br />
<br />
And Floyd, OMG! You should SEE the PM's!

you tell me. and floyd, i was going to say earlier that mr. bad influence shouldn't be taking over app's story LOL. bad habit of his. for shame!

Advice : You guys could talk over PM's lol :P

In search of another victim. Or is it the same one?

oh no, it's the dastardly, but dashing, viscount of vulva! LOL.

I'll frazzle ya, ya saucy wench!

i seldom, if ever, had that problem with men. they asked for my carnal delights too much LOL. i thought floyd meant that a certain someone would be pissed if he was trying to hit on other women. maybe i read it wrong or maybe u did, mister lol. when someone figures it out, let me know. my brains are still frazzled from work lol

Hey. If you had a boyfriend and he didn't even express a desire for your carnal delights, wouldn't you be disappointed? I mean, you might say no, but I think you'd want to be asked.<br />
<br />
I agree with what you say about his Mom. Even more, I'd say by 18 the choice is his regardless.

now, why would she be disappointed if he didn't try? i think he's old enough to have sex without his mom caring lol

Hey, his GF wouldn't kill him just for trying. She might be disappointed if he didn't!<br />
<br />
Maybe Mom has an account?

discoverychick, here it is.. try it. :D<br />
<br />

floyd, u have a gf here? who is it? i'm nosy lol

If you look at the header for this group it is there.<br />
<br />
Your call Mr.F. Everybody is different. I guess my point was , no rush.

it's on blogsthings. i think that's the name anyway.

lol where is this quiz?

oops sorry about that floydian :)<br />
<br />
mr.needit, let's just leave it that way. haha.

I think someone on here would kill me if I tried to! :-l

Mr.F, you're a young man. There's a whole world of adventure awaiting, don't worry.<br />
<br />
And so Miss APP you saucy girl! If the quiz was so wrong perhaps you'de like to correct that number?

haha. floydian, let's switch scores! :D

Better, a million times better than my score!

haha. my score said i'd sleep with 4. <br />
<br />
but that's about it. lol

Speaking of horny, let's get the truth out of APP here. 3 or 4? Yeah, RIGHT!<br />
<br />
And you Miss J are a Bad Girl. Go to my room immediately.

the last man i'd think was gay would be you, mister. lol you're a horny toad LOL

all joking aside, he's been a very good friend to me and i can't say that about many men. to me, he's already a prince. he knows how to treat a lady.

A "Wonder Toad"! With an exeptionally long "leg". But I don't want to be a little short gay guy from Minnesota.

wow, you sure are very lucky jerrica. :)

yes and i've found a wonder toad right here on ep. he's a toad among toads lol. if ever i got the chance to kiss him, no doubt he'd turn into a prince.

Well, speaking for the Toads, there are good ones out there.

at least u found a decent one cat. i'm still coming up with toads lol. i've been wrong too app, thinking i'd found the right one.

cat, at least you've found the right one! :)

haha. jerrica and mr.needit, i thought i've found my one and only. i was wrong. :D

Had to kiss a few frogs before i found a decent man

really,cat? you're smart. there's a few i wish i'd have skipped myself. shoulda had a v-8 instead lol

LOL. that wasn't your leg? my it's long! lol if app has found her one and only, then she is a lucky woman to me.

I have had too many exes but I didn't have sex with most of them

Hmmmm.....The experienced woman is pulling my leg....Hey! That's not my leg!<br />
<br />
Sounds like APP has found her one and only and will only share with him. My loss. Boo-Hoo!

wide period, huh? my number being 69 has no significance to me whatsoever, mister. it's just a number. what else does it mean? lol

I do like experiencing them wide! Wide hips! Wide smile! Wide open!<br />
And Miss J. We know your number on here is 69. Funny coincidence, eh?

aww that's sweet. yes, he seems to be a well versed man, no doubt.

oopps, i mean, you two really make me smile. i know that mr. needit is a widely experienced man and that's great. :)

whats funny, app? mr. needit being a man of the world? he's been around the block more than the ice cream man lol. isn't that right, babe?

LOL! that was funny jerrica. :D

LOL and she's getting something special because you've been around too? a man of the world, huh?

And women that are round, in all the right places! Besides, an experienced woman knows when she's with me she's getting something special!

yes, u like us women who have been around, don't you? lol

What does that make you, Miss J? Why, my favorite of course!

they are fun. i never got to 69 but the number i'm at is more than enough for me.

haha. i don't think that's true either! this quiz really made me laugh. :D

my score said i'd sleep with 69. now what does that make me? lol