I was told 150. but I weigh 107. uhhhh..wah?
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That person didn't like you then.

online test thing.

Well then the site isn't accurate. But it is true that based on height you should scale between a certain weight. I'm supposed to be 130-ish lbs because I'n 5 feet four inches tall but I'm a little over that.

So you're either under weight or over weight.

im 5'4

Well I don't know what else to say but that the source isn't accurate.

If it's fact you're one thing and a source tells you you're something else then obviously the source isn't credible. 😇✌️Hope that cleared up some of the confusion. If not then oh well. 💁

Was not confused or seeking help. It was comical sarcasm with questioning. So, thank you? you helped clarify the obvious inaccuracy. *smiles*

Okay then? Ba-bye *smiles ✌️*

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