I've Lost 35lbs In 2 Months

I can hardley believe it.  I'm 5'9" and I've lost 35Lbs in 2 months.  I was at 255Lbs, but now I'm at 220Lbs. I feel so much lighter when I walk around town, like I'm on an easy stroll.  It doesn't feel like I'm humping a 35 pound pack of gear on my back through the woods anymore.  You might wonder how I did it.  Well, I din't starve myself and I didn't use any diet suplements.  I cut my portions down to normal protions at all thre meals and I started walking.  I added I don't know howmany miles to my weekly routine and I will continue with my walks.  I plan on getting down to 185Lbs.  Another 35Lbs and I'll be so close.  Honestly I have allways had an impossible time losing weight.
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Thanks for the advice.

Congrats dude. Good stuff. Also, once you get down to about 200 or so, start implementing running and start lifting weights. One advantage that larger people have is the extra stored energy needed to build big healthy muscle. I have to consume 4500 C every day + lift weights and run sprints 5 days a week to gain three pounds a week because of my metabolism. Regardless, good luck man. Hit me up if you wanna chat or something.