My Weight.....

My lowest....110 (not counting when I was a kid)

My highest....215 (when preg)

Now.....130 I'm 5'3

I would like to weigh between 110-120
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31-35, F
4 Responses Jul 22, 2010

Hi1 I think you might have a problem asking people how much they weigh? I wasent gonna answer but I"LL be honest I am 5/5 and weigh 97 lbs! I really hope this is just a radom question because if it"s not there are alot of groups out there who can help! Good Luck!.....Anto815

Big feet! Lead feet, too, just ask the policemen!!!!

That depends upon how I weigh myself. When my children were babies, I had the heaviest babies ever because I would stand on the scale and then deduct my "weight", usually I felt it to be 120, and then subtract that from our combined weights which often made them very heavy indeed. Now I get on the scale with a pocket full of lead weights and subtract the weight of the weights, at least fifty pounds, then subtract ten pounds per shoe, another ten for clothes and I can still come out to about 120!! It is all in your methods!

It sounds like your at healthy weigh range.