I am 5"7 and I weigh 153 which doesnt seem like much to me considering I have thighs and boobs and a little junk in the trunk lol. My stomach has like an inch of pudge at my heavyweight 158-60 .
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5'7" as well but skinny at 125

You need to get up to about 175, you would be really cute and chubby!

I know from experience. I would not. I'm not built for that .

Do u want to gain weight?

Nope. Not unless its goin to my behind

Well that is very possible

I know how to do that

What are you talking about? I just said I don't want to gain weight. Chill. I think you have a lot to learn about relevancy and I have a lot to learn about kindness so I guess I'll apologize for anything that seems rude

And do u wanna talk?

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