I Weigh 205 Lbs (93 Kg)

For my height I'm 'supposed' to weigh more like 175 - 180 lbs (80 - 82 kg).

Growing up I was always the fattest kid in school, so I cannot remember weighing less than 180 lbs, even back in 6th grade. I'm pretty active, but not enough to lose that extra weight I'm carrying.

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Are you as fat as me? i have 60% body fat

Duuuude, I got fat. It's been a slow weight-gain over about 2 years, maybe 3. <br />
In 2007 I weighed about 63 kg. I'm now about 93kg. At my heftiest I weighed in at a perfect three digits: 100. That was a few months ago. I had a serious talking to myself and I'm on the way to a healthy weight again. <br />
Most annoying thing about weight gain = growing out of bras. Those things are expensive, man.

Too much...

Deliberate practice makes perfect.

well I'll make another vid when my naggin injuries (shin splint and tweaked achilles) aren't bugging me so much. Typically my practice percentage is between 70 - 80%, and I think I ended up about 42 out of 74 in that vid which is only about 57%. You don't wanna know how many hours of my life I've spent playing basketball lol

videos are all that I put in my blogs. I don't feel the need to write there, I do my writing on the rest of EP. But your blog is the only place you can post vids, so that's what I do :)

Well I've always been a lot heavier than I looked. I think my bones must be made from cement. Not a good trait for basketball, I don't fly. I'm grounded. Did you see the vid I just posted in my blog?