Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP) Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.
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18-21, F
1 Response Mar 4, 2009

Very cool personality type. In my report the INFP type is referred to as a Healer....<br />
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Some famous people with your personality type are: Princess Diana, Richard Gere, Audrey Hephurn, Albert Schweiter, George Orwell, Karen Armstrong, Aldous Huxley, Mia Farrow", and Isabel Meyers.<br />
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Here's a link if you want to read more about your personality type: <br />
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