I Wonder How She Lost It

I have asked my wife to tell me how she lost her cherry many times. I'm still waiting for the story. I mean the REAL story. I doubt that I'll ever hear it. I keep hearing that I was the one. After all of these years, I still don't believe her story.

So, I'm interested in hearing stories from men of what they have been told and, wives and Girlfriends of their experiences.

Slooowhand Slooowhand
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Kayeal, thanks for sharing and thank her for sharing too. 'I'll bet " it thrills the hell out of " you EVERY time you think about it , now that she told you.

Oz, Thanks for sharing. Not many wives are willing to relate their 1st time experiences to their Husbands. You have an exceptional Woman. At least, that is what the trend seems to be here.<br />
I'll have to check out some of your stories.<br />
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Thanks again

Dragon, I agree with you. Give me a Woman with experience.<br />
Thanks for the comment

I've rarely asked. I've been told every time. I suspect it is how you ask the question.<br />
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Last thing I want is a virgin.

Thanks for sharing, Hammer.<br />
That's quite a traumatic and sad way to loose it. It's too bad that every Women's 1st time can't be enjoyable as it should be.

Fun, thanks for sharing.<br />
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I'm beginning to think Eve told Adam he was the first too.

Thanks for sharing.<br />
That sure is different from most stories one reads about.<br />
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But, again, you were her "first".<br />
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I'm beginning to think Women take an oath about this situation.

My wife lost her *** cheery to me first when we were dating then she gave up the rest. I was the first ******* she ever gave and the first **** she ever had. Her last boyfriend just played with her ****

Welchcpl, thanks for your input. I know what you mean. I was once dating a girl who had a "reputation". My Mother asked me if I didn't want someone where we could both learn together?<br />
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When I said "no way", my Mother was very surprised. I love sex with a woman who knows what she's doing.

Come to think of it though, I am in a way glad that it wasnt me that took my wifes virginity.Becouse the 4 other men that had slept with her before she met me had given her the confidance and experiance that turned her from a girl into a woman.

They all say that but one day when you have a good relaxed night with a few glasses of wine of her favorite drink she will tell you. She probably think if you knew how much she really ****** you would not believe or respect her.

They sometimes never tell us the full story ha! ha! ha! We guys are so ****** stupid to tell them the full story ha! ha! ha! I normally get my wife to tell me a lot as we are ******* i found I get a lot out of her then and afterwards it like she never said word-so I just tell her most women in these cases to their hubby are full of **** ha! ha! ha!

Willboo,<br />
Thanks for the comment. Strange, I was just looking at your Drawings again. LOL

My wife lost her cherry when she was 16 by a guy 28............he didn't rape her she says, she went willingly!

Fwd, Thanks for your comment.<br />
Sorry about being late to respond to comments. <br />
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I have been busy moving snow for the past month.<br />
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I guess being engaged for 2 years he probably would have gotten to her. After him "breaking it off" I can understand how she must have felt. Then again, MAYBE he broke it off because he wasn't getting any. We will probably never know the story.

Wittol, <br />
Perhaps it was the "crowd" you hung with. Everybody knew everybodyelse. I guess the guy who got to your Female friends really "knew" them. I'm not so sure about the baby thing though.

Private, thanks for your input.<br />
I'll bet there are a lot more "Brrother / Sister" situarions than most people think. Not necessarily taking her virginity but a heck of a lot of sex.

My wife tells me I was the first on our honeymoon night. But I do not recall any difficulty on her part, no pain and no blood. I was really niave even at 25 and post Navy. Hard to accept I know but it is the truth. I never thought about it at the time because I just assumed she was telling me the truth. Frankly though, I believe she was not a virgin and I believe she actually lost her viginity to an older man she had dated and was engaged to for 2 years. He broke it off and she was devestated. I pulled her out of her funk two years later and before we married I gave her oral sex and fingered her to many *******. So, she liked what I did to her but never return the favor while dating. There is no way she will ever tell me differently and she will not share with me anything she and her fiance did prior to me coming into her life. Too bad for me because now it would be a big turn on and would make me want her even more today.

Rock,<br />
Thanks for your story.

Isinlarsa,<br />
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thanks for your comments. They are an amazing gender. My wife was no different from any of the other Women that I have had vaginal sex with. None of the others proclaimed to be "Virgins". I had no resistance on insertion, no "tearing" of the Hymen, no bleeding, etc. I KNOW that she seriously dated at least 3 others prior to me. <br />
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Perhaps some day I'll get the whole story, but I'm not holding my breath.

Slooowhand - My first wife was like yours. She insisted I was her first, even though she would share details after she stated ******* other men when we opened our marriage. She had a bit of a reputation in college, although nothing specific. Also, she wasn't a bit tight the first time we ****** -- I just slid in. My second wife was much tighter, and she acknowledged that she had been rather promiscuous before we married. She had been ****** by a couple of dozen men by age 26 -- some of them she described as being quite large. I guess women can be different irrespective of their experience. I rather hoped that my first wife had been ****** before, but she would never admit it.

Betr,thanks for your input.<br />
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I guess I should have known there would be little if any input from Women here. It seems that is the <br />
<br />
story they are unwilling to share . I find it difficult to believe that almost every Woman has sex for the <br />
<br />
1st time with her "significsnt other"

Alleyes, thanks for your input.

Mine dismisses her first sex, says that her first love was her #2. she would only say it was a neighbor biy. She was about 15 near as I can determine because she was having sex with #2 at age 16

Jimbo, thanks for your contribution and thoughts. I have to agree with your last sentence.<br />
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I just wish we would get input from the ladies. The lack thereof makes me believe even more that they won't admit there was another before their mate.

Kanko, thanks for the story and comment

Thanks to Stargazer and Welchcpl for commenting and adding their input. <br />
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I notice there have been 20 more viewers to this "Experience" but, only 2 additional comments.<br />
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So, I guess there are people out there interested but, don't want to share or, don't have anything to <br />
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share.<br />
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I hope to get some ladies views on this.

Welch, I think I know what you mean. I get details of other sexual escapades of hers, ( sometimes like pulling hen's teeth), but NOTHING of that 1st time. Except to say that it was me.

Stargazer, is that what she told you , or is that what you assume happened ?<br />
I find that many women tend to NOT share that with other men they are with unless that man happens to be the one.<br />
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See Welchcpl's comment below yours. NO DETAILS

my Mrs tells me she lost hers when she was16 i didn't meet her until she was 18 and she had 4 more by then ,Including myself she has had 6 more since we been married so that gives her the grand total of eleven dicks in her ,But she wont give me any details about the first one .

She lost her cherry when Somebody stuck a **** in her!

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