Haha, Yeah, No Surprise Here.



So I'm mostly greedy and horny, who knew?

Lust: 100%

Greed: 80%

Envy: 40%

Sloth: 40%

Wrath: 40%

Pride: 20%

Gluttony: 0%

Chance You'll Go to Hell: 46%

You'll die while in the throws of passion - the best way to go.

HisONEnOnly HisONEnOnly
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 26, 2009

Yeah, my boyfriend would prefer to eat me as opposed to dinner, it's funny you said that because 2 nights ago he made dinner and we were eating, he didn't even start eating and he said "I'm just gonna skip that and get right to this," dropped on his knees in front of my chair and stuck his face up my skirt. I love him. LOL.

Oh my, I mean, don't get me wrong, I eat, pretty well, both my boyfriend and myself are good cooks, but I'd much rather have sex than eat, and I'll skip a meal if I have to choose. Haha.