My Parents Found This Power...somewhere

I have come to the slow realization that my parents were complete opposites

What my mom taught us to do, and what not to do - my father seems to have no concept of.

I honestly have no idea how they made it as long as they did, their communication with one another was atrocious...

They had none.

I've never seen two people further from the same page.  Sometimes I wonder if they were even in the same book.

But they loved each other dearly.  When my dad got sick, my mom would take two buses every day to go and see him.

When my mom got sick and was unable to sleep in their bed, she had to sleep on the couch.  My father made a bed on the floor beside the couch.

So there was as much accord as there was discord.  They were not showy with their love, but it was there - quiet.  I believe it's what kept them together for the 27 years they were married.  If my mom were alive.  I think they would still be married.

I don't understand love sometimes.  I'm convinced it is not something that is or even supposed to be easily grasped.  I just know that it is more powerful than just about anything I know.

Willowtree7 Willowtree7
26-30, F
Mar 7, 2009