How To Cope

How do I cope with this. I miss him i hate him i love him. If he cant man up and communicate with me what am i waiting for. Everytime i get my courage up I remember how hard it would be at now..alone in my room.Ive never felt alone before..
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2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

I know how you feel. My exfiance left me. I know what lonliness feels like. I couldn't sleep in my bed for a week because he was not there. I understand your empty feelings, your hate and your love. I to get no response or communication.

i know how your feeling, it sucks i still cry sometimes beacuse i loved him so much. but you have to rember that everything happens for a reason fate hands you obsticals you need to try to forget the good and think of the bad in him the reason you broke up...or im guessing you broke up? i coulld be wrong but, your heart heals with time. i know when i cry about my past and i feel lonley and feel how much i miss him sleeping next to me i think to myself i truely miss him, then i relize i dont miss HIM i miss how he USED to be he changed and i miss the memories and past not him sorry if this wasnt helpful if its a diffrent situation but... ohh and p.s. sorry for my spelling mistakes i know i made a few.