This Is My Own Test For All You Noobs In My Circle!

1)  what kind of car do i want? a) jeep b) ****** c) truck d) eclipse e) tank 

2)  Am I a good liar (I'll tell the truth this time!)? a) Yes b) No  

3)  At a party, what would I definitely be doing? a) Just sitting b) Dancing c) Getting drunk d) Talking to a group of people e) Munching on appetizers  

4)  I secretly would like to be a ______ for a day? a) Rockstar b) Very rich c) President d) Dictator e) Doctor  

5)  Have I bought the new Harry Potter book? a) Yes b) No c) Not yet  

6)  Would I go bungee jumping? a) Yes b) No c) Hellz yes!!! d) Hellz no!!!  

8)  Favorite childhood game is ___________. a) Tag b) Hide and go seek c) Monopoly d) Chutes and ladders e) Puzzles 

9)  What is my favorite holiday? a) Christmas b) Halloween c) Easter d) May Day e) New Years Eve  

10)  What is my favorite pizza topping? a) Anchovies b) Bell peppers c) Cheese & Extra Cheese d) Pepperoni e) Sausage 

11)  My favorite sport to watch is ________. a) Football b) Baseball c) MMA d) Ping Pong e) Soccer  

12)  What did I want to be when I was little? a) Ballerina b) Police Man c) Spy d) Superhero e) Chef  

13)  What cell network am I on? a) AT&T b) Cingular c) Sprint d) T-Mobile e) Verizon  

14)  Favorite type of guitar a) Warlock b) Flying V c) X-series d) Hellraiser e) Standard

15)  What am i? a) Awesome? b) So cool? c) Perfect? d) The best? e) 1337?  

16)  How many boy/girlfriends have I had? a) 0-3 b) 4 c) 5 d) 6 e) 7-10  

17)  My favorite drink is _______? a) Green Tea b) Ice Tea c) Diet pepsi d) Java irish monster e) Diet pepsi with cherry 

18)  If I won the lotto, what is the craziest thing I would do? a) Give it away b) Visit Tina c) Buy a Tiger d) Get cosmetic surgery  

19)  What color suits me best? a) Red b) Black c) Blue d) Green e) Pink  

20)  What time am I usually in bed by? a) 9pm b) 11pm c) Before midnight d) Before sunrise  

21)  What is my sexiest feature (IMHO)? a) Smile b) Ears c) Eyes d) Legs e) Hair  

22)  What is my favorite type of music? a) Heavy Metal b) Goth Metal c) Thrash Metal d) Death Metal e) Industrial  

23)  What would I dress as for Halloween? a) Ninja b) Witch c) Werewolf d) Vampire e) Pirate  

24)  What would I name my first child? a) Char b) Arorin c) Cain d) Ethan

good luck.


edit: heh found a question i didnt want answered.


dadbbdbedceabbaeabdecad is the answers.

Arorin Arorin
22-25, M
55 Responses Feb 20, 2009

You got 7 right I am pretty sure. and yeah 14 was one you got right.

Here goes nothing...holding my<br />
<br />
1. e<br />
2. b<br />
3. d<br />
4. a<br />
5. a<br />
6. c<br />
<br />
8. b <br />
9. e<br />
10. c<br />
11. d<br />
12. b<br />
13. e<br />
14. b (if right, got this one from OldGroupiesNeverDie's her answers)<br />
15. a<br />
16. a<br />
17. d<br />
18. c<br />
19. d<br />
20. d<br />
21. e<br />
22. e<br />
23. d<br />
24. b

Is old! I need to make a new one!

Haha I remember this!

The person who was suppose to know me best on here. Who i made just specially for her only scored a 6..

Whit only 11!!!

you also score an 11 salar. pretty good actually.

Ok lets give it a try <br />
1e<br />
2a<br />
3d<br />
4a<br />
5b<br />
6d<br />
8b<br />
9c<br />
10b<br />
11b<br />
12e<br />
13a<br />
14d<br />
15a<br />
16a<br />
17c<br />
18b<br />
19b<br />
20d<br />
21c<br />
22e<br />
23a<br />

I will be watching!

Yupp, it will asplode. So you'd better watch out. =]

asplode huh?!

Haha, if I think any harder about it, my brain with asplode!

Well think hard about it!

Yeah. :)<br />
<br />
I should make my own test thing, but I wouldn't know what questions to ask.

After all this time i think so.

I'm sure we do. :]

Maybe we have some things in common then.

A lot of the ones I didn't know, and I would just answer what my answer would have been.

11 right so good job!

I probably did really bad on this. x] But here goes,<br />
<br />
1) D 2) A 3) A 4) D 5) B 6) C 8) C 9) B 10) C 11) C 12) D 13) A 14) B 15) B 16) A 17) D 18) C 19) B 20) D 21) C 22) A 23) A 24) D

That i am.

There are trick questions like what i want to be for a day? Rockstar? i want to be a rockstar for life.

Well you got 7 of them!

7 right

i don't remember most of what happened back then any more. to many to count that is for sure.

how many kids did you beat?:)

like what?

do you want a question,that you don't want to aswer?

no the person who answered on bebo where i made the test probably got 15 of them right.

1- tank<br />
<br />
2- no<br />
<br />
3- just sitting<br />
<br />
4- dictator<br />
<br />
5-no<br />
<br />
6- hellz no<br />
<br />
to be continued

So that means that I know you best of everyone who has answered, doesn't it.

I am 19 not 21 and i am a genius. I was born with a heighten scene of understanding and, because of this i have been able to become a genius in certain areas. Philosophy, mechanical, and physical stuff psychology, and recent test scores show numerical progression as well. You are assuming about me again. You will never learn anything about me if you keep assuming. I suggest we talk in personal messages to learn more about each other.

how old are you knowledge comes you don't just wake up when you are 21 and think you got it all figured out Arorin, you only know what you know and you have to seek out more knowledge, I am sorry if I made you feel like you don't know anything, I know you know somethings, but you are not done unless you really think that there is nothing else to know, if you shut your self off from others then you stop learning anything, I wish that I really could see you and than you would know me and I could really know you, I am sure you are smarter than I am in somethings ,but life has not been kind to you and so I feel that you are judgeing others by what your life has dealt to you, and its not all like that,,, I just want you to know that there is some light at the end of your tunnel, I hope you can try to understand me a little better,mary

i dunno being told i know nothing of what i talk about isn't exactly a complement for being smart is it?

I do not view you as an Idiot, so don't growl at me, I am sorry if I hurt you but at least I know a little bit more about you, mary

Well right now i hurt because i had surgery on my mouth 24 hours ago, but over all it probably has something to do with how i was raised. You want to be my real friend don't view me as an idiot for having different beliefs.

at least I got some right,you are a hard person to talk to, why do you hurt so much, mary and tell me what can I do to be your real friend Arorin, mary

7 right.

here is my guess Arorin,,,1) a 2)a 3)e 4)e 5)a 6)a 8)b 9)d<br />
10) d 11) b 12)c 13)e 14) a 15) d 16) a 17)e 18) a 19) d<br />
20) d 21)e 22) a 23) d 24) d,,mary

well you got 8 of them right.

ok here goes:<br />
<br />
1.You want a jeep because all lions like jeeps<br />
2. You're a good liar<br />
3. You'd munch<br />
4. Rockstar<br />
5.yes<br />
6. hell yes you'd bungee<br />
7. -------<br />
8. Hide and seek<br />
9. You like New Year Eve<br />
10. You like pepperoni<br />
11. You like to watch soccer<br />
12. YOu wanted to be a policeman<br />
13. Yer on verizon<br />
14. Standard<br />
15. Awesome, of course.<br />
16. 0-3<br />
17. diet pepsi with cherry<br />
18. Give it away<br />
19. Blue<br />
20. before sunrise<br />
21. Eyes<br />
22. Death Metal<br />
23. werewolf<br />
24. Arorin

yup i am awesome,

Uh, yeah. The pictures were a bit of a giveaway. :)<br />
<br />
That, and (like I said)... awesomeness.

I didn't even know that lions took quizes... I'll have to try these.

what because of all those pictures i posted?

Yay!!! That practically qualifies me as psychic! ;P<br />
<br />
The guitar one is easy though...

i believe you got 7 right. not bad for first try.

Okay, I don't kow you well at all, but I'm gonna have a crack anyway:<br />
<br />
1- ******<br />
2- Yes<br />
3- munching on appetizers<br />
4- Rockstar<br />
5- Yes<br />
6- Hellz yes<br />
8- Hide and go seek (because you're so mysterious)<br />
9- New Years Eve<br />
10- Pepperoni<br />
11- Mud Wrestling<br />
12- Police man<br />
13- Sprint<br />
14- Flying V (because you're awesome) :)<br />
15- Awesome (as already discussed)<br />
16- 5<br />
17- ice tea<br />
18- get cosmetic surgery so you could LOOK like a tiger<br />
19- red<br />
20- before sunrise<br />
21- your hair<br />
22- hmmm... I'm going with thrash metal<br />
23- a smurf<br />
24- Hammett :)

Im not kidding there are real answers to this lol...

you made up most the answers lol...

lol 2 out of 23...

1wrong<br />
2right<br />
3wrong<br />
4wrong<br />
5wrong<br />
6wrong<br />
7no number i deleted the question about my middle name<br />
8wrong<br />
9wrong<br />
10wrong<br />
11wrong<br />
12wrong<br />
13wrong<br />
14wrong<br />
15wrong<br />
16wrong<br />
17wrong<br />
18wrong<br />
19wrong<br />
20right<br />
21wrong<br />
22wrong<br />
23wrong<br />

lol what ever floats your boat.

That is cool. All i can say is good luck, and these are trick questions so to answer them right you have to think like me.

lol even the person who knows me best scored under 30%