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On my sweet 16, I got a surprise party...there was lots of girls who showed up at my house.

Every since I got married, no big deal, the family gets together and we have a sitting down meal.
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Direlight: I guess there's years we can be depress and other is a better one.

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Thanks for the link.

midnighthour: It was fun in our younger years and now we know we are getting older. :( I wish, we could've turn back time.<br />
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welshbabe: It seems like you had fun in your younger years and you are still having fun. :)<br />
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thank you both for commenting :)

I think it is different as you get older! as some friends drift away other's marry! and before you know it you are stuck in your ways!! :-( I can remember my 16th birthday! we all my mates and i went clubbing! same for my 18th 21st!! :-) now we just hit the local pub! and have a few drinks in there and maybe a meal then home!! lol :-) <br />
Thank you! for your post, my friend! :-)