Childrens Birthdays In Mexico

Birthdays were not celebrated much when I was a child and I love reading about the way people create special memorable birthdays around the world.

In Mexico childrens birthdays are celebrated quite extravagantly.

Mexian children have two celebrations. The first is a formal affair for their name or saint's day, where they attend church and have a priests blessing.

They then return home to a relaxed party with family and friends.

It is tradition to have a pinata. 

 A pinata is made out of paper mache, usually in the form of an animal or object special to the child. It is is filled with goodies and hung from the ceiling or a tree branch. The birthday child is blindfolded and hits the pinata until it is cracked open and all the goodies fall out. All the quests then share the goodies.

When a girl reaches 15 years  her birthday is celebrated with a special mass in her honor. This celebration usually includes a religious ceremony at church, in which the young lady recognizes her heritage and her spiritual journey. Then a  party is then given to introduce her to everyone as a young woman, and the father may dance a waltz with her. In some Latin American countries, a young woman changes her shoes from flats to heels during the ceremony - to show that she has moved on to a higher level of responsibility.




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Thank you Princess <BR><BR>When is your birthday?<BR><BR>I shall look through your stories and find out <BR><BR>Ofcourse birthdays can always be made memorable and special even if the family are poor .. lots of hugs, singing and dancing is always free!

I think at my junior school the class celebrated birthdays with songs dancing and cake but as my birthday fell in the holiday I missed this :(

Young children usually have a small party to which they invite a half dozen friends. They eat junk food and lots of cake & candy. The cake usually has a candle for each year celebrated.<br />
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In Australia, this usually happens in the pre-school years. After that the parent just sends a large cake to the school and it is shared with all the classmates.<br />
<br />
The 16th, 18th 21st are usually the bigger ones. Usually with alcohol involved. (its legal at 18) The 18th is when society recognise you as an adult and you become responsible for all your actions by law.<br />
<br />
It used to be that a child left the parents nest by 21 and made their own way in he world, but, lots of kids are realising it is expensive to leave home and are staying on until late 20's