I Hate Sunny Side Up With the Eggs.....ewwww

Ever since I remember I just HATED the way they fried egg looked and tasted !

The thought of eating the RAW juice of the egg is just gross!!! ewwwww....even when I eat omelette It has to be fully cooked or else I'll end up throwing it out if there is even a little bit of it uncooked (the yellow juice...omG! ewww)


All my siblings LOVE their fried sunny side up eggs.....but it has always grossed me out



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hahha....i agree ancientcelt...i have always hated the feeling of runny yucky juicy eggs

Josie - you're makin me hungry!

I like eggs, so scrambled (with ketchup) or sunny side up (w/crisp toast) or hard boiled (cut in small pieces with a creme sauce) are all good. Eggs Rockefeller (with Hollandaise sauce) is good too.<br />
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Guess, it depends on the time I have to make them.

I like em not runny at all. Omelettes, hard boiled, deviled, scrambled - yum. My favorite meal is breakfast with eggs and bacon. I can eat it for dnner too. My mother hated eggs of any sort after she found out they came from the nether end of the chicken. LOL Whoopie Goldberg hates eggs too.

Over easy is gross. Simply gross.

Over easy. I like them scrambled too.