I Do Something As Good As.....

I either start cleaning my house or i start writing!!

Cleaning the house when i am angry is a habit i share with my dad:P. Though we both were not angry at the same time ever(unless it was at eachother) so we never really cleaned the house in anger!gosh!i just realised how funny that would be!haha...

and yeah, i write a lot when i'm pissed! and when i read it later, i just cant help laughing at myself!

siddha siddha
18-21, F
3 Responses Feb 24, 2009

mitch, i'm quite interested to know the consequences of your deeds when you are in anger!<br />
nanseltar, walking seems good men! but confronting verbally never really cooled me down. it always made me more furious:)<br />
and bananafone, i hope you're not angry often!<br />

I have some violent sex. Alone or not. (with consent of course)<br />
<br />
Otherwise a walk or a swim helps. It has to be physical if I want to get rid of it.

1. Go steaming off on a long walk.<br />
2. Write a letter to the editor.<br />
3. Confront (verbal).