Without the Mr

In my mates bar, who is having a James Bond theme evening with a casino and everything. Im going as Goldfinger, so spray painting my middle finger gold and wearing all black (surprise...). Im going with my sister, my best friends and my cousin. Im going to drink far too many cocktails, text far too many people and probably end up dancing on the bar again, as long as I dont fall off I should be ok

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3 Responses Dec 30, 2008

Actually with my boyfriend, his sister and her husband and a few friends of theirs. I am kind of relieved not to hang out with my usual crowd. Sometimes it is important to see and hear something new.

In other wards, you are going to bring the New Year in just right! Happy New Year:)

have fun!<br />
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And read this story, I just want you to be careful from pickers like these..lol<br />
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