stubborn ... n then if someone near me is stubborn too... *shakes head*

not really so positive  but trying

adult n a kid ..

not talkative... i only write/type n when i don talk to someone it doesn mean it has to do with them but thats how i am.

different ..  , everyone s different

sais sorry n thank u all the time...

wants to stay in a corner to write/draw/read etc coz ..feels comfortable n safe

not social..

feels others r more important always..

stupid..feels like that mosty when i get angry with myself

likes to imagine mostly to feel better.


cares how others feel..

selfish.. i feel like that sometimes

believes in some things others don..
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..hugs...n u both good,im glad to know u

Well I think you are great. You are very artistic and you are deep. You are a very loving and kind person. Thanks for sharing.

You sound a very lovely genine, beautiful person to me! :-) We all have, some imperfections! (oooh! with the exception, of moir!!! lol) but seriously!!,. I to! am forever saying "sorry, please and thank you! i think it shows your polite! and thoughtful!! <br />
Hreat profile, my young friend! thank you for sharing!! :-)


You are welcome.

ok i will ,thanks

((hugs))<br />
<br />
I posted my story for this group too. Check it out if you are not too busy. Thanks.

i know but u know is how i feel. hugs wall*<br />
<br />
hugs sm*

I still like you. You are great young woman.

The other things are all right. But, Please Please don't think others are always important. They are. But you are too. Make your importance Where it really matters.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
Embrace your imperfection. What's perfect? Nothing.<br /><br />
<br /><br />
And just don't worry. No tension!

idk but i cant consider myself an artist..i think other ppl really deserve that word..<br />
i believe u r very nice person lena *hugs