Wow! Not Easy.

A woman is multifacted and I am no different.

I see myself as a modern woman with old fashioned values.

I am an old fashioned woman when it comes to morals, the raising of our families and taking care of day to day life. I've always been pretty old fashioned when it comes to manners, etiqutte, and tradition.

I am a more modern woman when it comes to handling financial life, being an equal partner. I'm also a very independent woman and hold down a full time job.


I think that it is all about balance and being the best woman I can be ... all according to my own set of values and judgment. The same, I think, is true for other women.

Also, sometimes i feel ugly and fat, while at other times I do feel the opposite. Most of the time I see myself as having nice eyes, and a good sense of style, a sense of humor and friendly to all.

Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010

You are right in what your saying here my friend!! :-) I to! can see myself here! lol :-) <br />
Great profile!! thank you for sharing!! :-)

Both and yet neither but somewhere in between and always going somewhere being someone and the love hate triangular square that goes with it. It spells Super Woman!