How I Write.

The waythat I write. Is what ever comes to my mind I eather write down or type on my computer. I'm writing a story right now. Its based on a dream that I had a while ago. I'm writing what ever comes to my mind. Its kind of  like a dream land for me. It has the guys name in it  that I like .  I used to hate to write stories. Because they where for school. Now I like to write, beacuse its for fun. I don't know if I would evetr want my story to be published at all. Not unless, I'm dread. Its more of a privet story. My sister seems to think that I shoud write kid stories. I don't know how to start that at all. I have writen one before taht I dedicated to her. It was for a English class when I was in High School.
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22-25, F
Aug 5, 2010