How I Found Out I Was Super Ticklish On My Bellybutton

I didn't know until barely this year how ticklish I really was in my bellybutton because I never really had a problem with people tickling me in that area.  They always go straight for my sides or ribs. 

And one day I was at my best friend's house and her boyfriend was there as well and they were trying to get something out of me but I wasn't saying.  So next thing I know, they tackle me down to the floor together and started tickling me mercilessly.  I was already doing this whole laughing squeaking thing that I do when I get tickled and to make it worse, I couldn't really defend myself because one of them was gripping my arms over my head so I couldn't really fend them off while their fingers were all over my stomach.  Horrible, huh? 

Then at some point, I felt one of their fingers graze (not tickle, just run over) over my bellybutton and I seriously shrieked and they were stunned there for a moment.

Lucky for me, they don't tickle my bellybutton at all too often.  They threaten to do it more often than they actually do it if I get really stubborn on them. 

So yeah.  That's my story of how my most ticklish spot was discovered.

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well me an my besties held down my older stepbrother so we could fully depants him an after we saw besties started tickling him by far it was his balls that were ticklish. hehe it was so fun to see...he went crazy when they tickled him that's how I know where his is...are all boys ticklish on their balls?

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you just gott atoughen it up. Like building an immunity to iocane powder!

Sounds like fun!

My ticklish spot is my ***, I have no freakin idea why, a girl I dated in high school discovered it, we were at church, my father was a minister, and she wanted to play around and I could see my dad looking at me like he was going to throw something at me, so I tried to be good for once and move to another seat, when I got up she grabbed/shoved her hand in my ***, I jumped 5 feet in the air and screamed holy ****, I didn't get anything thrown at me but my punishment was worse lol, that's my only ticklish spot, its a secret so don't tell anyone hahaha.


Very funny to read and enjoyed it too.

wow sounds sexy hahahaha wish i could feel that belly

Sexy and cute do u like have ur cute belly button tickle post a pic

thats an awsome tickle spot to have

Sounds (mostly) sweet to me, deadmoon! :-D

good story. Glad they don't overabuse the ticklish spot.

AMEN to that! ;-)

hey do you live anywhere near indiana?

dang,i really want to tickle you there he he heeeee,ur wayy too cuute :)

Neat. I have never in my memory been tickled. I am ticklish as the Doc can never do a belly exam. I would love to find a lady to tickle me (think I'd be uncomfortable with another guy, although Im not homophobic). Gently, of course.


I'm glad you survived their tickle attack. That's a great story! :-)

Sounds like a cool story lol, I bet you aren't going to be too stubbon often ;)

That does sound painful o.o

I meant it literally!<br />
It really was hurting that bad. Like something was pulling my ribs into my stomach so I just came up with that weird gut analogy. I said it with a very pained ex<x>pression though, lol.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *gasps for air* ROFL girl you're friggin hilarious without even trying x]

I said that my stomach hurt so bad that I felt like one of my guts was being ripped apart and it was holding on to my ribs and pushing them toward my butt.

LOL are you gonna tell meh or whot?

One of them sounds kind of painful. It's kind of gross, lol. I said it when my stomach was hurting two days ago, lol.

Hahahaha what others have you made?

It has now. My dictionary at least. That one is not even as bad as other ones I've made! O.o

And I was hyper okay!!?? **** does have sake ROFL<br />
<br />
Hahahahahahahahaa internal bellybutton wedgie....I wonder if that ever gets into a dictionary..o.O

I couldn't find any other words to describe my discomfort except the internal bellybutton wedgie thingy...

"wedgie but in your bellybutton internally ".... WTFMAO??!!<br />
<br />
Jeez peanlo, calm down. The F word doesn't have sake, only Japanese people do!<br />
<br />
I musta missed something... I didn't die laughing...?? I'm not hyper at the moment though.. kinda sleepy actually..<br />
<br />
I was busy this weekend sorry guys!

He better!

Oh, he'll be on alright, lol. He'll be on!!

Hahahahaha x] Turbulenceee?!? LOG ON FOR ***** SAKE YOU NEED TO SEEEE THIIIIS!

I mean, hell!<br />
Uncomfortable as hell. I have no idea why I put down crazy. Turbulence is going to die when he reads this, lol!

Lol, well, you get the main idea. It's uncomfortable as crazy.

You're right, it didn't xD

It feels funny. It feels like having a wedgie but in your bellybutton internally (that didn't make any sense).

Hahahaha must feel pretty weird xD

Dude, everybody's going straight for my bellybutton now! I usually become alarmed and instinctively sock people before their finger even goes NEAR my bellybutton zone, but lately, my friend Laura has been managed to get her finger in at least twice! And you know what's the worst part?<br />
That once a finger has been in my bellybutton, the sensation of that finger in my bellybutton doesn't go away for TWO DAYS! And it really bugs! O.o<br />
<br />
Lol, jeez luis!

U sound like a blast to tickle

Hahaha awesome XD

Haha! That's great! xD

Hahaha! Usually people say...oh someone accidentaly hit me there and that's how...but you have this whole AWESOME dorky story behind it. Five stars lol