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While Getting Babysat By My Cousin

when i was 5 or6 my cousin ( 15-16) was babysitting me like she usually did wen my parents left town. my cousin like most teens wen baby sitting discovered tickling was a entertaining for her as well as the kid. she almost always tickled me and would use it to her advantage as a punishment and a reward. i loved being tickled as a kid but not in long exposure( now i love it at all times). so getting to the story i was estatic wen i heard my cousin was babysitting we always had alot of fun together. she always had something fun in mind. when she finaly arrived i was the first to greet her at the door. after my parents left she looked at me and said" wanna go get me a soda?" i with a big grin on my face say " no." i imediatly paid the price for the wrong answer she had her fingers shot to my sides to quick all i could do is laugh wen she stoped she repeated the question and i did so quickly. then as we were playing a board game we had our usuall agreement the loser got a minite added on to the time they were tickled at the end of the night. after we got bored of games and me losing most of them we got something to eat and then it was already bed time so we went up to my bedroom and i got ready. then it was wat my cousin called tickle time since i had lost 6 games i got tickled for 6 min and she lost 1 so i tickled her for a min. then we were sitting there and she looked at me and jokingly asked me to give her a foot massage so i did bc i was told to do watever she said by my parents. so i went and took off her flipflops and started massaging her feet as best i knew how. she then said " that was very cute and nice and i should return the favor, so wat do u want?" i wasn't ur and then as i was thinking she suggetsed a fun game she call tied up torture and i had no i dea wat i has getting into wen i said yes. the next thing ik im tied up on my bet in shorts and shirtless with my cousin smiling evily the she blindfolds me and tells me to relax and enjoy the fun. then i feel my cousin's long finger nail tickle my feet and i start giggling and then she goes to my sides and i start laughing and squirming and then she got to my armpits no one had ever really tickled me ther b4 and wen he all of a sudden switched to feathers i couldn't stop laughing and she new she found her new favorite tickle spot and my most ticklish one. i love this memory and of coarse as i got older i got her back a few times and haha i fould out hers was her feet lol and i now i still love getting tickled and if u wanna play that last game with me all u have to do if ask girls :)
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We had lots of sitters growing up, but the one I can remember is a sitter named Owen. He was cool and a senior in high school. Owen played a lot of sports and hit it off with my brothers and me. He sat for us a few times before going off to college, but the best thing about him was his bare feet. Owen was tall and slender with sandy blonde hair, but was also stocky and strong from all the years swimming. The first time he came over to sit, he was wearing a polo shirt, khaki shorts, sneakers with calf high black socks. My mom said that she would be back late, so if he wanted to lay down on the couch, it was okay. After she left, he fixed dinner for us, then told us to get ready for bed. Since I was the oldest (12), I got to stay up later. My brothers and sisters got ready for bed as did I. I wore some sports PJs from Christmas and went barefoot. We then played some games with Owen before bedtime. We played hide in go seek in our large house and my younger brother was first up as seeker. Owen and I sprinted upstairs and hid close to each other under my mom's bed and behind the curtain. I shouted to Owen that I could see his shoes sticking out from behind the curtain. He quickly took them off, leaving them there as if someone was still standing there, then joined me underneath the bed quickly as we heard my brother coming. He entered where my head was and had to curl his body to get all the way under. His face was near my bare feet and his socked feet was near mine. We remained motionless as we saw my brother's bare feet walking around the room. I heard him yell as he pulled back the curtain after seeing Owen's shoes and seeing no one there. He left the room shortly afterwards as I then felt Owen's fingers tickling my bare soles and toes. I tried not to laugh, but it was hard. I tried to move my feet away, but Owen had a grip on both of them. I reached over and grabbed Owen's right socked foot and began to tickle it. I got no reaction, so I got hold of his other foot and tickled it all over. I heard nothing from Owen, so I quickly peeled off both of his black socks and tickled his bare feet. He went crazy and bursted out laughing. My brother raced in and tagged him, then ran downstairs to home base. He didn't even see me under the bed. Owen and I stopped tickling each other's feet and got out from under the bed. Owen's bare feet were golden tan, slightly hairy on the tops and pedicured toes. He just stayed barefoot the rest of the game. Owen was the finder next and took a long time trying to find everyone. I hid behind a long dresser drawer, laying down, so I could see his feet coming from the open bottom. Owen passed by several times, not noticing me hiding close by, but I sure noticed his bare golden tan beauties. His right pinkie toe bent outwards like mine.
After putting my brothers and sisters to bed, I joined him in the family room to watch some TV. He had put his shoes and socks back on his feet, but that didn't stop me trying to bare them again. I propped my bare feet on the coffee table next to Owen's shoed feet. He noticed both my pinkie toes on my feet and said to me that his pinkie toe on his right foot was bent the same way. I replied with a "really?" and asked to see his toe. Owen kicked off both his shoes, then peeled off his right sock and compared his bare pinkie toe to mine. Seeing his barefoot next to my barefoot was wonderful. I reached down and peeled his other sock, baring his other foot. We both curled our bare toes and sat back watching TV.
One other time, Owen stayed overnight since my mom was out of town. He slept on the pull out sofa. I snuck downstairs, then slithered on the floor over to the foot of the pull out bed. Owen's bare feet were sticking out and pointed downwards. I brushed my fingers across the soles and got no reaction, so I got brave and took his left big toe into my mouth and feasted on it. I ended up feasting on all his toes before he woke up.
After taking a shower and fixing breakfast, he played some basketball with me in the side yard. Owen confided in me that he had a foot fetish and was awake when I feasted on his toes. I turned beet red and denied it. I started to leave, but Owen grabbed me and tackled me to the ground on my stomach. He then quickly pulled off my shoes and socks and went to town on my bare feet and toes. At first, I tried to get away, but as he feasted on my soles and toes, I moaned and enjoyed it.

My love of foot tickling started when I was babysitting too so I can relate to your story. Thanks for sharing it!

no prob haha its fun to share on here bc u dont get judged like u do on other social media sites

I dislike judgmental people and love tickling so I completely agree with you!