My Brother

Once my brother wanted to see if I was ticklish, so he dragged me up to my room and demanded me to sit on my bed. He was usually nice do I was quite scared.
I sat there and heard him rummaging around and he came back with one of my mum's big red bags.
He used one of my scarves as a blindfold and lays me out flat, it felt like he was doing something to my wrists and ankles but it was really soft. I kicked abit and said something like "Th...aAt reallHEE"
He took the blindfold off me and to my horror, my ankles and wrists were tied down to my bed.
Then I said something like "Please, please, please don't tickle me. Please!"
"So you ARE ticklish," he said (BTW, this happened last week and I'm super mega ULTRA ticklish)
I told him I wasn't in a kind of nervous way.
Then he untied one of my ankles and for a second I thought he was going to let me out, but no, he let out one foot and kept it in a headlock.
He put his hand flat on my foot. Even THAT tickled so I kicked (I tried but my brother is really strong) and laughed. He thenoved up to my upper body, I was wearing a tank top and shorts so I was really easy to get to. I was and still am air ticklish so when he wiggled his fingers to tease me, I started laughing.
"Looks like someone was lying about not being ticklish" he said or something similar. He put his fingers on my wrists and ran them down my arms to my armpits. At first I screamed when he ran his fingers down my arm but when it got to my armpits I couldn't control myself
and burst out laughing:
Before long tears were coming out of my eyes and then something happened that I cound't remember and then he blew some rasberrys on my stomach. I didn't actually know how ticklish my tummy was and it was quite a surprise to me and first I screamed really hard then burst out laughing again. I was crying and laughing at the same time then I couldn't remember what happened and I must've passed out or fainted because I coundn't have fell asleep in those conditions.

Two days later, he brought four of his friends round. He got me on the bed again and had two of his friend hold my hands and my feet down while my brother tickled my feet and his two other friends tickled my legs, ribs, stomach, armpits, arms, ears, chin, nose, and even the palms of my hands. His friends were surprised about how ticklish I was. I passed out or fainted again.

Both of them experiences were terrible for me, literally torture. Now my brother tickles me every chance he can get.
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6 Responses Jan 19, 2013

I wish some one would tickle my feet your so lucky my feet are realy ticklish

Lucky. At least your brother plays around with you.

Nice story. Sounds like something me and my girlfriend would do to get revenge :P

Lovely read. Thank you

Great story

still sounds like fun though! wanna add me and we can talk about tickling?