Do Other Women Soak the Bed During Sex? Is This Normal?!!!!!

 Okay ladies....all of you...I need some input here!!!! is it normal when you get it on with your you squirt enough to soak the bed like a hudge wet patch under your *** when you are done?

 Why am I asking this of you? well my guy and I have amazing hours long sex (billion ******* later!!!) but what confuses me is that I soak the bed underneath me as we are having this normal?! I do not understand "how" a woman does it normal? or is there something wrong here? my other half say it is normal, I have NEVER experienced this before! and I am confused by it!!! so what gives here? is this normal or what?!!!! has this happened to any of you? and why does it happen? how is it possible for us to release soooo much fluid?!

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well it has been months since I have posted that...but do have some info on it...thanks to my awesome husbaND WHO CAN MAKE ME DO THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE...HE EXPLAINED, LIKE SOMEONE ELSE DID ON HERE, IT IS AN INTENSE G-SPOT ******...AND NO...NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THAT TO ME, HAD A FEW MORE OF THEM...AND WOW,,,,INCREDIBLE!!

oh yes he is the wildest thing ever to have you and your partner into each other, the chemistry just flowing (so to speak) and OMG...the ******* left and!! never experienced that with any man but him!!

i have been with black lovely ladies three of them and they cummm like that its wonderful lovet to eat it cheers

This is rare - like a perfect pearl. I've met two women who gush and was lucky enough to have one of them 69 me on top - fantastic! (Read my stroy in the 'I love giving women oral sex' group). Yes, a lot of guys would love it - to some it's like the Holy Grail, only harder to find.

I also had one lover who had a tendency to lose control of her bladder during sex, although I think she may rather have been gushing but trying to suppress it. When she realised it turned me on - especially when she rode on top of me - she relaxed and got a lot wetter.

There doesn't seem to be any harm in it, so if your boyfriend likes it, let it flow!

Thank you ladies, feeling a little better has spooked me a lot, and yeah my other half just loves it. He thinks it is fantastic, but it spooked me because I have never had a man to get me to do that before...and the sad part, I have never had an big "O" till I met him wither, so these bodily functions are new to me?!!!

It drives a real lover wild.

I agree with's truly an intense feeling when you can let go. Enjoy it...I'm sure your partner does as well.


Yeah...I think it is a fringe benefit...intense and glorious. Relish your talent and powerful pleasure center.

Yes it is normal....but somewhat rare...due to women being "afraid" to let go.


I don't know where it's coming from and I haven't had it happen to me but I think you should make an appointment with a gynocologist and ask them about it. I'm sure it's nothing to be alarmed about. But it would give you the peaqce of ming that you're looking for. Meanwhile, drink lots of water, lay down several towels and have fun. You only live once, right?

P.S.....Is there not any ladies out there that this happens to? to me will ya? help!!!!!1

Well, that really does not tell me if that is a normal thing or not for a women to do that, never had a man make me do that before, I am researchig the female sexuality to see if that is normal, and yeah I have heard the same as well, but where the hell does all that fluid come from?! never known for a women to pour out like that?!!!!!